Hotel Rural Casa los Herrera
Plaza Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación s/n
38820 Hermigua (La Gomera)
Telf: +34 922 88 07 01 - Fax: +34 922 970 373

Pet friendly

8 double rooms with charm
Cable TV
Direct phone
Bathroom Amenities
Wi-Fi Internet connection
Fax Service
Laundry Service
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These are the highlights of our environmental policy.

Our tourism establishment makes a continuous effort to reduce their environmental impact without compromising guest comfort.

We support the local rural community and in particular on those aspects of it to present a positive impact on the environment.

Prioritize the use of local and organic produce. We both guests and the local community to appreciate and respect the environment and in particular the rural areas of La Gomera with its rich biodiversity and protected areas.

Measures taken to reduce the environmental impact of the Hotel.

Electricity from a renewable supply of energy consumption reduction Hotel: We use energy saving light bulbs in odes indoor and outdoor areas. The heating is electric blue, do not forget that electricity is the least polluting heating. It has a built individual control of rooms for guests to choose the temperature to your liking. We remind our guest to make moderate use of energy.

We have implemented waste management measures to reduce the production of non-recyclable waste. (Eliminate the use of individually wrapped items.) We recycle paper, cardboard, glass and packaging and we ask guests to their contribution.

We try to reduce water consumption Excessive water consumption using flow reducers on showers and toilets. We have installed measures to control the use of water when you flush the toilet. Avoid watering plants in heat of the day We train our employees about the importance of water leakage.
Eco consumer use products that do not have a negative effect on the environment or products "eco-label" We use returnable bottles and try not to use non-returnable bottles, and disposable items such as dishes, glasses, etc.

We train employees in training: Environmental Affairs correct dosage of detergents and cleaning products effective management, waste, energy and water.

We support the local rural community and supply guests with a list of where you can buy local produce in the restaurant use local and organic produce. At Hotel Rural Casa Herrera believe the food is to enjoy, but we also believe that what we eat and buy not only affects our health and well but has a great environmental impact and rural communities. Therefore, in our Hotel we have taken a long time to select where and who are the suppliers of our basic ingredients. We have established contacts with several ranchers, farmers, producers and supplies to ensure a good supply of products full of flavor, quality and healthy. Most are locally sourced and of the peninsula, many are organic and use other traditional or extensive systems. We know that in buying from these suppliers, not only are we offering our guests products natural flavors, but also contribute to rural communities and the environment.

Learn to appreciate and respect the environment provide information environment of the island's tour guides with a background of cultural interpretation, and actively encourage you dialogues on the environment with the guests.